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Thank you for your warm welcome this week. Now that I have been a locum at Balwyn Anglican several times, I feel as if I am visiting family when I come here and see so many familiar faces.

I will be with you for three weeks this time while Brian is away. We will be looking at the book of Ruth, which is one of the shortest books in the Bible, with only four chapters. On one level the book tells the story of how a gentile woman came to be an ancestor of Jesus. However the book isn’t just about dry genealogies, it is a beautiful love story. The romance between Ruth and Boaz – her goel or Kinsman Redeemer is also a picture of the wonderful relationship between Jesus and his Church.

Today we will be looking at the first chapter of Ruth and we will see how important choices are in life. It’s so easy to make choices according to how we feel or make a choice to follow the easy path rather than to choose God’s way. I pray as we look at the Book of Ruth we may all be encouraged to a closer walk with our Lord and that our romance with him may blossom!

God bless,