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Noah: A Constructively Critical Eye

Cameron BrownComment


There has been a quite a lot of controversy over the new film version of Noah. This ranges from whether we should be encouraging people to go along and patronise a movie whose prime aim is to make money; through to criticism of the way the movie portrays God and humanity, their relationship, and the ‘creation’.

Some argue that anything that gives rise to conversation about Christianity and Christian faith is good and should be encouraged. Others are critical of a portrayal of God and the biblical figures which distorts the biblical witness as being unhelpful at best and self-serving and deceptive at its worst.

Ultimately you will need to make up your own mind.

If you go along can I suggest you go with a constructively critical eye so that you might be able to dialogue intelligently and biblically with family and friends and so commend that which is good and correct and challenge that which dishonours or distorts the biblical account.





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