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Cameron BrownComment


Even though I am away today my thoughts are with you. Thanks to Ray for his ministry among you this morning. I pray your worship will be amazing and that you will have a real sense of God’s presence with you as you gather around his word, pray and share around the Lord’s table.

In recent weeks I have been giving a lot of thought to the question of what kind of church we want to be and how we can best encourage each other in our faith and Christian lives. One thing that is clear is that I don’t want our faith and life here at Balwyn Anglican to be a burden, rather I pray it might be a joy. This means I don’t want to see you, or I, weighed down by a whole lot of programs we feel we need to run in some formulaic way.

Rather I pray that we might offer opportunities for growth in discipleship and deepening of faith which are appropriate and accessible for you to dip in and out of as you feel led and opportunities for you to bring family or friends who might be interested in exploring something of the gospel and how they might have a relationship with God, our Lord Jesus and experience the power of His Spirit. I pray our times of worship might be our times of R&R (rest and re-creation) as we meet together, enjoy each other’s fellowship and welcome those who God is bringing to His church here in Balwyn.

For His name's Sake.

God Bless,


Sunday 23 February 2014 Services

Visit of Ken & Ally Thompson

Our CMS Link Missionaries, Ken and Ally Thompson, will be visiting us next Sunday to talk about their work and ministry in Cambodia. They will speak at both 9am and 10:30am services. Please put in your diaries and make a point of being here. There will be opportunity for conversation with them after the service over morning tea.