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Fear and Peace

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The events of this past week have shaken us as a nation and caused many people to be fearful and wonder how such a terrible tragedy could happen here in Australia. And yet as Christians we know that evil exists in our world and in the hearts and minds of men and women and that we should not be surprised.

Nevertheless such events shake our confidence and take some of our innocence and sense of security and safety. It is in this context we will celebrate Christmas this year - not very different to the world of that first Christmas when Jesus came to live among His people and world.

What will our celebration this year say to us? One thing - it doesn’t need to be like this. Hearts can be changed, lives can be transformed. Jesus showed the way of love and reconciliation, harmony and forgiveness and promised we too could be bearers of that love and mercy to His world. He promised to be with us and, through the prompting and guiding of the Holy Spirit, we are made agents of His peace.

May we be those people in our relationships and community this year who bring the message of peace and goodwill to all - that our world might be just that little bit better and closer to finding the peace and joy which scripture tells us ‘passes all understanding’ - to His honour and glory.


Judy and I wish you all a very safe, joyous and blessed Christmas and New Year.
Thankyou for your encouragement and support and for your contribution to our life together over 2014. We look forward to the year ahead and the deepening of our relationships and our relationship with our amazing God.

God bless. Brian & Judy