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Does it really matter what we believe?

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Does it really matter what we believe?

Surely as long as we don’t try and impose our ideas on someone, or they on us, and we all get along, then what we believe really isn’t all that important.

Yet this very statement has enmeshed in it an assumption - a belief - that it is good to get along rather than being at odds with each other. One might equally argue that it is about what is best for me and doing what will maximise my advantage regardless of the impact on others. How we act, behave and think is then intimately connected to what we believe. And so what we believe is important.

This morning we are exploring together “the Creed (Nicene)” which speaks about what we believe as men and women of faith.

As I read it I find it is not so much about a series of rules and regulations governing behaviour - rather, it seems to me, it is a statement of who we relate to, follow and have relationship with that then shapes our lives.

I trust you find our exploration inspiring and helpful.


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