Balwyn Anglican

First Service                22nd December 1872

Patronal Festival           11th June

St Barnabas' has a rich and vibrant history and is a testament to many peoples' dedication, love and worship.

A Chronology

1870 - Lay readers and visiting ministers conducted services in the Athenæum Hall.

1872 - The Church was built by three generations of Maling family, dedicated and named “St Barnabas’”.

1883 - Mr H. E. Taylor was initially a Lay Reader in the Parish before his ordination and appointment as the first Vicar. He built and paid for the first vicarage, “Taylor House”.

1884 - The Church was enlarged by the nave extension and provision of a wooden chancel. These additions were provided to cope with a congregation of 140 people. During the extension work the foundation stone was laid on 15th March 1884.

1887 - The Church was again enlarged by the addition of the transepts.

1896 - The Maling family built the Parish Hall, subsequently named “Maling Hall”.

1913 - Electricity was installed in the Church and Vicarage.

1922 - St Barnabas’ Church Jubilee 1872-1922.

The Existing Church and Buildings

The sale of land that once accommodated two tennis courts, two vicarages and the brick hall enabled a major re-development in 1993. A new Parish Centre connecting the Church with the offices, meeting room, kitchen and toilets was then built.

Removal of the organ and pipes in the south transept made links with the Parish Centre possible.

There is also a link between the Parish Centre and the Maling Hall used for larger occasions.

The kitchen in Maling Hall was remodelled in 2002.

Many articles and fittings have been given by parishioners in gratitude and recognition for what the Church of St Barnabas’ has meant to them.

Stained Glass Windows

St Barnabas’ is blessed with a full complement of stained glass windows that have been given with love for the blessings people have received within its walls.

“Windows within Worship at St Barnabas’” book is available.

Daughter Churches

St Barnabas’ has been the mother Church to four other churches:

• Holy Trinity, Surrey Hills
• St Paul’s, Canterbury
• St Silas’, Balwyn North
• St Stephen’s, Greythorn

List of Vicars

There have been many dedicated men as vicars, and the tradition continues.

1883 - 1889 Rev. H.E. Taylor
1889 - 1894 Rev. Reginald Stephen (later Bishop of Newcastle)
1894 - 1896 Rev. James Love
1896 - 1900 Rev. Evelyn Snodgrass (later Canon)
1900 - 1912 Rev. Joseph Allen
1912 - 1914 Rev. Roscoe Wilson (later Canon) Dean of Melbourne
1914 - 1920 Rev. Lionel Vance
1920 - 1935 Rev. Alfred Levick
1935 - 1942 Rev. Alfred Craig
1942 - 1949 Rev. Charles W.T. Rogers
1949 - 1952 Rev. Mervyn Britten (later Canon)
1952 - 1961 Rev. Wilfred Holt (later Canon)
1961 - 1974 Rev. John Thorp
1974 - 1979 Rev. Richard Pidgeon (later Canon)
1979 - 1985
1985 - 1992 Rev. Douglas Stevens
1993 - 2003 Venerable Ernest E. Horth (Archdeacon of Kew)
2003 - 2010 Rev. Geoff Milton
2010 - 2016 Rev. Brian Westaway
2017 -          Rev. Roy Hamer

Registers and Records

Baptisms (from the late 1800s); Marriages; Confirmations; Burials; Services