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The Alpha Course

Tuesdays  |  19 April - 31 May 2016  |  7.00pm - 9.30pm

Alpha provides an opportunity to explore the meaning of life in a relaxed setting with seven thought-provoking weekly sessions that cover various aspects of the Christian faith. Over 20 million people worldwide have now attended an Alpha course.

A typical Alpha evening involves sharing a meal or supper with your Alpha group, watching a short video on a range of topics (such as Who is Jesus? and How does He guide us?), which is then followed with a chance to ask your own questions and listen to the thoughts and questions of others.

Contact the office (03 9888 5897 or email) if you are interested in being part of this life changing course.

The Marriage Course (postponed until further notice)


Do you want to take your marriage to a new level? The Marriage Course is designed to help couples enrich their marriage and grow in their relationship together.

The course revolves around DVD based talks; times for each couple to talk together; and enjoying tasty suppers. Each couple's privacy is respected and there is no group discussion or requirement to disclose anything about your relationship to anyone else.

The cost is $50 per couple, which covers the manuals and suppers. Topics covered include the art of communication, resolving conflict, good sex, and love in action.

The next Marriage Course will run on Monday evenings in the new year. Contact the office (03 9888 5897 or email) if you are interested in being part of this genuinely transforming course.

Ridley Certificate

Relevant training for Faith and Ministry

This is an online program offered by Ridley College that can be taken as a Certificate level qualification. It comprises four core subjects and four electives. A single subject option is also offered for those seeking to grow in knowledge in a particular area of Christian understanding and/or ministry.

The training is specifically designed for busy people who would not otherwise have time for theological education requiring attendance at the College.

Contact the office (03 9888 5897 or email), have a chat with our Vicar - Brian Westaway (0419 132 609), or head to the website for more information.

Past Courses @ Balwyn Anglican




Mondays  |  8 November - 1 December 2015  |  TBA

"It is in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ, ... he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out in everything and everyone." (Ephesians 1:11, The Message)

This 40 day journey is designed to help you understand your ultimate purpose in life as a person created in God's image. The course combines daily reading and, for those interested, weekly meetings on Monday evenings for the duration of the program.





See Through The Scriptures

Grasping the big story that runs through the Bible can be daunting. How does the average person make sense of it all? What relevance do all the genealogies and descriptions of ancient battles have to our world today? Do Christians really need to bother with the Old Testament when the "good news" of the Gospel is all there in the New Testament?

This course, conducted over two 3.5 hour sessions, seeks to help answer some of these questions and provide an overview of the Bible and God's story as it unfolds in history.


Just Walk Across The Room

A few steps and a friendly hello may be all it takes to change someone's life - and their eternity. And the good news is, it has more to do with taking a genuine interest in another person and listening to their story than it does with learning evangelism tactics and techniques.

This course, conducted over four 1.5 hour sessions, will assist in equipping you for genuine, conversational sharing of your faith and the gospel with family and friends.