Balwyn Anglican

Weekly Wrap-up | 17 July 2016

Balwyn Anglican

'Love in action' is the theme of our lessons in Term 3. Always, Jesus's actions showed his love for us. He gave us directions to follow when he said, "My commandment is this, love one another" - John 15:12.

What do we need to do to obey this commandment? With all the distractions of life, we need to make time for Jesus and learn from him as illustrated in the Mary and Martha story. We need to follow the example of caring and loving our neighbour as told in the story of the Good Samaritan. During this lesson, we will write to our sponsored children in Vietnam and Sri Lanka, letting them know we care and pray for them.

Prayer needs to be an important part of our day. This term, the children will learn the different types of prayer (adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication). We will also look at the meaning of the prayer Jesus taught his disciples - The Lord's Prayer.

True happiness is God's blessing for us, as the Beatitudes show. They help us to understand that when we show love in action, happiness is truly ours. 

Our Combined Family Service will be on 31 July at 10am. During this service, the children will be involved in welcoming, prayer, and bible reading. This will be a good opportunity to show one another our love in action.