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Weekly Wrap-up | 16 February 2015

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With Miriam away for two weeks, Karina has enlisted the able assistance of Danni to have some fun and learning as a big group. After one week it is great to see everyone working together, helping each other and getting along.

Sunday 15 February

Combined Group with Karina

   It was an absolute pleasure teaching this weeks lesson on compassion. Compassion is 'concentrated love' like spices are concentrated flavours. Just like spices are better when poured into food - making it more enjoyable - our compassion needs to be poured out of our hearts into the world and people around us.
   Parables are simple stories teaching us big life lessons (similar to a fairy tale or fable). Jesus told a parable about a stranger from another land who showed compassion above and beyond to help a man who was hurt (Luke 10:25-37). In this way Jesus was able to teach the people listening to him in a gentle and thoughtful way.
   Since we were doing so well with parables the challenge was on: in small groups, think of life lesson and create a simple story to teach it. The results were funny, poignant and very impressive! From each story the audience were able to understand the chosen lesson AND pull out other lessons that the group hadn't even thought of! Bravo to all and a big thanks to Danni for her help.

We thought of some great situations in life where we could show compassion.

We thought of some great situations in life where we could show compassion.

Blessings for a safe, happy and Spirit filled week. See you Sunday!