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Weekly Wrap-up | 25 August 2014

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Sunday 24th August

Younger Group with Karina

     In the younger group this week we experienced young David's full devotion to God. He loved God with his whole heart. So he was chosen as the future King of Israel over his brothers, who looked stronger and meaner and more suited for the job. Samuel could not understand what God was seeing or not seeing in the parade of Jesse’s strong young sons.
     A raw egg and a boiled egg look the same from the outside - that’s what we see when we look at each other. But God sees inside, to our hearts. He knows any secrets we hide. Life is harder (if not impossible) with only half our body, just as we cannot love God with half our heart. The gift of a bitten apple is not whole, just as our heart is not a gift to God unless we love Him with ALL of it.
     David showed honesty about his imperfections; sincere desire to know and love God; and stubbornness to persevere in seeking God even when alone or troubled. What can you give to God from the secrets of your heart this week? What troubles can you release to Him that He may enjoy your love fully and unblemished? Explore as a family this week.

Older Group with Miriam

     This week in the Older Kids group we talked about the relevance of Christianity to our friendship groups. We discussed whether there should be a balance in our friendship groups of Christian and non-Christian, so that while loving all we are still being supported in our faith. We had a look at Bible passages from Corinthians and Matthew, where Jesus shows that you can be true friends with anyone, but Paul also warns about being 'unevenly yoked'. We asked whether we should be sharing our faith with our non-Christian friends.
     Discussion (from time to time, I will recommend something you can ask your kids about to help cement the lessons we are learning in Sunday school):
     Ask your child about how their faith impacts their friendships - or tell them how it does for you. Discuss how Christianity is not just about a particular world-view - it's a whole life system that should be shared with others!

Blessings for a safe, happy and Spirit filled week. See you Sunday!

- Karina & Miriam