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Weekly Wrap-up | 8 September 2014

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Sunday 7th September

Younger Group with Karina

     Once again it all comes down to what is in our hearts. We explored how our obedience to God demonstrates an undivided heart of love and devotion to Him. Some days it is still hard to obey God, but when we deeply love Jesus, it is a joy to follow His directions for us.
    You can love God in a strong way, even if you are very young. Josiah was an eight-year-old boy, and king of God's nation, Israel. He wanted to do right by God. He read God's Word and spent years 'cleaning' the nation of all pagan religions and idols. Then God's people celebrated the Passover like never before, worshipping God with undivided hearts.
    We know Josiah loved God by his obedient actions: listening to and obeying God's Word; repenting; worshipping; and invoking unrelenting radical change until everything was obeyed. Obedience is important to God - He can see your heart and will provide help when it's difficult to obey. We need only ask Him.

Older Group with Miriam

     This week in Miriam's group we discussed forgiveness, and how to respond when our friends hurt us. We talked about why people can be hurtful, what impact it has, how forgiveness can break down the walls of hurt, and why we forgive at all (Colossians 3:13).
    DISCUSS with your kids what it means to allow Jesus to take our hurt and help us forgive - letting go is often the hardest part!

Blessings for a safe, happy and Spirit filled week. See you Sunday!

- Karina & Miriam