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Weekly Wrap-up | 15 September 2014

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Sunday 14th September

Younger Group with Karina

     Worship. It does wonders for our hearts. It helps us focus on God. It helps us keep a good attitude. It helps encourage us during tough times. Praise and worship brings powerful benefits to God's people.
     Jehoshaphat, king of Judah, faced the combined army of three kings. He called his people to fast and pray, seeking God. God answered. The battle was His, they were to march down to the battlefield unafraid. King Jehoshaphat and God's people praised God, with singers leading the armies, they marched into battle. Before they arrived, God set ambushes upon the other armies, leaving His people with nothing to do but collect the weapons, clothing, and gold from the defeated armies. They went to the temple, with music, and partied for God.
     Praise and worship breeds an undivided loving heart for God - an undivided loving heart wants to praise and worship God. What a wonderful cycle. Notice Him and worship Him this week in your family and your daily life.

Older Group with Miriam

     This week in Miriam's class we discussed the Bible, where it comes from, what it is useful for, and why we should listen to it! We especially looked at 2 Timothy 3:14-17. This is a challenging topic for every stage of faith and it was great to start that discussion. We'll keep exploring some of these questions over the coming weeks.
     Take time if you can to DISCUSS with your children why you read the Bible, and why you think it's important - your example is so valuable

Blessings for a safe, happy and Spirit filled week. See you Sunday!

- Karina & Miriam