Balwyn Anglican

3rd week of October 2013

Cameron Brown

Younger Group with Karina

With a small group this week, we began our journey into the Fruit of the Spirit - first stop LOVE.

  • We looked at what the bible has to say about LOVE, and found some interesting facts:
  • LOVE is the greatest commandment from God - it's not just a suggestion
  • first LOVE God with all your heart, soul, and mind - it's a whole body thing
  • LOVE others - everybody
  • God is LOVE
  • LOVE comes from God
  • LOVE is like Jesus - the greatest demonstration of LOVE is Jesus sacrifice for us on the cross
  • LOVE is something we do - it is an action, not just words we say
  • The best way to keep this greatest commandment to LOVE is grow in our knowledge and relationship with God. To read our bibles, pray, and listen to God in our lives. As we come to know more about Him our LOVE will grow and overflow from us into the world.
  • 1 Corinthians 13:1-8a,13 gives us a great description of what LOVE is (and is not) and what it looks like in our lives. We were able to go through the verse and underline all the descriptions of LOVE. Then we thought about ways we could show LOVE in our lives through the week, whether it is to our parents, neighbours, at school, with friends, with everybody!
  • Think this week about how you can show LOVE to those around you. Where can you reach out to someone in your life and demonstrate God's great unending unbiased LOVE for the world? For how much richer would our world be by simply loving one another as God loved us, and as He commands us to do.

LOVE is God's greatest commandment - and our ability to LOVE is heightened by the Holy Spirit living in us. LOVE is a fruit of the spirit. As we grow in the Spirit of God, our fruits grow healthier every day.

Older Group with Anna

This week we finished our Grapple question of 'Is Jesus a Liar?'.

  • It was exciting to see the group look to the Bible themselves for answers, and to see their increased confidence in looking up verses. 
  • Some great points came out of our discussion on why it is important that Jesus tells the truth, and why we can trust what he says and what the Bible says about him.
  • We also tried something new this week - praying in a big group. It was really exciting to see a few people have a go at praying as it was the first time we'd tried it! There were a few giggles and struggles to be ok with silences, which is normal. I'm encouraged to see how this will go as we keep trying to introduce prayer into our time together and try different ways of praying.

Firstly, a reminder that this Sunday is 'Messy Church'. It would be great to see you there as we try out a different style of worship with the whole family!