Balwyn Anglican

1st week of October 2013

Cameron Brown

Younger Group with Karina

End of school holidays and it's back on track, full steam ahead with our third week of Holy Spirit exploration - some interesting discoveries, the Holy Spirit is so powerful and does so much in our lives!!

> I was so impressed with how much we were able to remember from our last two Holy Spirit lessons! (Even though we had two weeks break!) We built a tower together as we remembered our past lessons - in the end, our building wasn't perfect, but we definitely built it stronger (& remembered more) by working together rather than on our own.

>> Revisit Ephesians 2:21-22 together at home. How can you help build each other up? Remember, the church is not a building that we go to on Sunday mornings; it is a group of believers, who each have the Holy Spirit in their lives.

> As we put together the puzzle of the Holy Spirit even more, we realised just how much He does in our lives! He is a gift, given to us by God who helps us: learn more about God & tell others about God & Jesus; know what to say & the way to go; brings joy & peace to our life & the world; and strengthens our hope & faith in God.

>> Chat about John 14:27 and Romans 15:13 together. When do you forget the peace that God has given us through the Holy Spirit? When are your hearts troubled or afraid? How can you help each other to trust and "overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit"?

> Stained glass windows decorate our churches, and as the sun hits the windows, they shine a light on stories from the Bible. Our beautiful stained glass window craft allowed us to uniquely express what had stood out most to us about the Holy Spirit in today's lesson. (See image attached.) He is a puzzle that we can never fully solve or understand; He makes his home in people's hearts; He is a continuous demonstration of God's love in our life.

>> If you were to shine a light on the Holy Spirit's power and influence in your life, what would your stained glass window story look like?

I can't wait for this week as we take a last look at the Holy Spirit. What fruit does He produce in our lives? Do we have good or bad fruit? How can we produce the best fruit possible? See you then! - Karina :)

Older Group with Anna

It's great to be back for the last term of the year! We're starting a new section in Grapple on 'Who Is Jesus' next week, so I started us off with an introductory discussion on Mark 8:27-30 where Jesus asks his disciples 'Who do you say I am'? 

We each drew a picture representing aspects of who we saw Jesus to be, and then compared it to the passage. A highlight was talking about what it meant that Jesus is the Messiah - the saviour of the world. There were lots of ideas flowing and I'm looking forward to getting into the series next week!

Here's some of the beautiful artwork we made!

Here's some of the beautiful artwork we made!