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Wrap-up | 15 December 2014

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... well, we certainly hope so! It's just around the corner - a week away - a time for us to celebrate one of the happiest nights the world has ever seen. The last few weeks in kids ministry have seen combined lessons in the lead up to the festive season. Looking ahead, we have a couple of exciting celebrations for kids, youth and families to enjoy. Read on as we look forward to celebrating this joyful time of year with you.


Kids Presentations - this Sunday @ 10:30am
   This Sunday 21st December at our 10:30am service we will be celebrating our year together. The kids and youth in the ministry program will each be presented with a small gift. If you are a regular attendee of kids ministry, make sure you come along!

Preparation for Christmas Eve Celebration Service
   We'd love to see you all at our 5pm Christmas Eve celebration service! As with every year we need some children to help tell our Christmas story. This Sunday 21st December, Karina will be doing preparation with the children who are attending the Christmas Eve service. So if you are planning to attend, it would be great to see you this Sunday at kids ministry. There is no pressure on the kids being 'perfect' - it's all about having fun together, giving it a go and celebrating Jesus' birth!

Sunday 23rd November

   What an eventful morning we had! Thank you to everyone who attended and brought their detective skills to solve the parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost (prodigal) son. For those who have ears let them hear and know that God is celebrating every time one who is lost turns to Him. Whether you are returning to Him, or coming for the first time, He is so happy and throwing the biggest party you can imagine in your honour.
   This was the last Messy Church for 2014 - we look forward to seeing you again in 2015 for more craziness and excitement!

Sunday 30th November
Combined Group with Miriam

   We took all the kids together, as we didn't have numbers for two groups. We discussed the difficult topic of persecution, and why Christians still share and follow Christ in the hardest of situations. We learned about the lives of St Stephen, Clare of Assisi and Brother Yun, all of whom made hard decisions about following Christ - Stephen even died for his faith!
   Then we had a look at what the Bible says about suffering and whether God promises safety. It turns out He doesn't. He does promise people will hate us for following Him! But He also promises in Revelation that He will comfort those who suffer, and in the new Kingdom there will be no suffering.
   We talked about how some churches have to meet in secret. We practiced a secret and super quiet 'service' to see what it might be like! Finally, we prayed for countries where the church is under pressure.
   Take a moment over Christmas to discuss with your kids what it means to follow Jesus even when we suffer for it. As part of the broader body of Christ, we hurt when our fellow Christians around the world hurt - it's good to remember and pray for them.

Sunday 7th December
Combined Group with Karina

   Most children have some fear of the dark. Why? Because they cannot find their way, and they cannot find the people who can help them.
   Through the story of Jesus healing the blind man, we discover how Jesus brings light into our lives. When we let Him in, He removes the darkness of sin from our hearts, and opens our eyes to the fruit of His Spirit. He offers to help with our practical fears, as well as questions and fears about following Him. He promises to be a light for us - directing our paths.
   We tried to imagine how to explain 'light' to a blind person. It isn't easy. Light is something we must experience in order to truly understand. Just like Jesus.
   This Christmas season I pray you will allow Jesus to show up in your celebrations - that you will experience the great light He brings to our life.

Blessings for a safe, happy and Spirit filled week. See you Sunday!

Karina & Miriam