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Weekly Wrap-up | 6 October 2014

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Sunday 5th October

Younger Group with Karina

     When fear strikes, sometimes we need wisdom to get away - other times we need strength or courage to face it down. Kids and adults can fear many things, but living our life for Jesus should not be one of them. At times we can live our lives in a way where others cannot tell if we are believers or not. Jesus challenges us to be noticed as different in our love for Him - this takes boldness.
     Elijah the prophet loved God, but his life was in danger for being a prophet of the true God. Following God's instruction, Elijah challenged the evil King and Queen of Israel and all their prophets of the false gods. Elijah (and God) won the challenge with just one prayer, and turned the people's worship back to God.
     God gave Elijah His word, so Elijah trusted God's Spirit to lead him in action. God wants us to be bold in choosing right when others choose wrong, or talking about Jesus to everyone! We can trust God to help us be bold using His Word, the Bible; and His Spirit acting within us. We can stand strong and speak out boldly of God's love. Where do you need to stand strong for God?

Older Group with Miriam

     This week in Miriam's Group we discussed the tricky question of how relevant the Bible still is - if it was written before mobile phones, the internet, and television, how much can it really speak into our lives?
     This is a good an important question and we had a look at some different verses to see if they applied to things like watching TV, wearing immodest clothing, or eating lots of Big Mac's! We found some that applied and some that didn't, before finally having a look at parts of Psalm 119 (longest Psalm in the Bible!) that taught us how valuable the word of God is, and how it still has so much to say to us - even to those parts of our lives that seem out of its touch!
     If you get a chance, DISCUSS with your kids how the Bible might apply to all areas of their lives, even the bits that seem far away from it. God's word is for the whole of our lives!

Blessings for a safe, happy and Spirit filled week. See you Sunday!

- Karina & Miriam