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Weekly Wrap-up | 17 November 2014

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The last two weeks have seen both groups combine as your 'fearless leaders' each took some time-out for rest and relaxation. See below for what our crazy kids got up to in the last two weeks. Good news is, we're back and ready to go for an exciting Messy Church coming up this Sunday 23rd November!

NEXT WEEK: Messy Church - Sunday 23rd November

A Sheep, A Coin, A Son
     How good are your detective skills? If someone gives you a story or an instruction, can you figure out what they mean? Jesus taught in parables. He moved hearts and changed lives through stories that seem so simple. Join us for family fun and craziness as we explore the power of these three little tales in the timeline of our Big Story! This week is all about having a fun and exciting family friendly service, encouraging multi-generational worship and fellowship.

Sunday 9th November
Combined Group with Miriam

     This week, both groups were combined with Miriam, and we had a (somewhat chaotic) great time! We learned about the Parable of the Great Banquet (from Luke 14:15-23). We talked about how it would feel to invite your friends and have them make up silly excuses. We also discussed who the master invited in place of his original guests - "the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame" (v.21). In Jesus' day, those people were the outcasts, the rejected, the ostracised. But in the story they are invited in, in place of the original guests, who have forfeited their right to be there. We asked who the 'outcasts' or the 'rejected' might be in our society today, and how important it is to invite them into our parties and lives.
     Afterwards, we prepared party invitations for our celebration right after church (which some of you received), and then we prepared some party food! With fruit, melted chocolate, hundreds-and-thousands and food-dye, we prepared some FABULOUS looking food... next time we'll look at making sure it's fabulous tasting!
     This week, if you get the chance, DISCUSS with your kids who are some 'outsiders' in their lives and how we as Christians can make them feel welcome and loved.

Sunday 16th November
Combined Group with Karina

     We had a large combined group this week, and I'm so pleased at everyone working together and contributing to the conversations! Thank you Danni for helping me out and joining the fun.
     This week we heard about one of Jesus' great miracles - the feeding of the 5,000. Everyone had some interesting ideas for their own dream feast (including 'scorpion lollipops' and 'fish fingers and custard'..!!). See attached image.
     While this feast may fill our stomach to overflowing, Jesus loves to overflow our life with blessings to satisfy our spiritual hunger. The disciples saw it was impossible to feed the crowd, just as it is impossible for us to fill our hearts with the forgiveness, salvation and love it really needs. When we follow Jesus the 'Bread of Life', He comes deep into our lives, as a piece of bread does when we eat it. There were 12 baskets of leftovers from the 5,000 - Jesus provided more than enough for everyone. He will never run out of love, power or forgiveness for us.
     In what ways do you need Jesus to provide for you? What place in your heart needs Jesus? Let Him overflow your family with His practical and spiritual provisions this week.

Our Dream Feast included fruit, vegetables, desserts... and some interesting 'delicacies'! (Sunday 16th November)

Our Dream Feast included fruit, vegetables, desserts... and some interesting 'delicacies'! (Sunday 16th November)

Blessings for a safe, happy and Spirit filled week. See you Sunday!

- Karina & Miriam