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Weekly Wrap-up | 3 November 2014

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Welcome to our Weekly Wrap-up email! This week we've included a little information on BCA for Kids - a way for kids to have fun and use their small change while getting involved in mission. And, as always, you can read all about another challenging couple of weeks that we've had with the kids - building knowledge, faith and love of Jesus.


Sunday 26th October & Sunday 2nd November

Younger Group with Karina

     In the last two weeks, the younger group finished our series on being strong for God, and began a new series on following Jesus.
     Sometimes when reading the Bible, it seems all the characters did the right thing the first time. We forget they were real people who had to learn about trusting God. We thought of examples and talked about what made something 'weak' (fragile, breakable) or 'strong' (hard, heavy, solid). Some examples showed how even the weak can be strong (glass, people). We had a laugh about embarrassing moments that might happen in life when we heard about Nehemiah. He had an embarrassing moment in front of the king then went on to re-build Jerusalem's city walls in only 52 days - overcoming all threats and obstacles with God's help. God gave him a big job, and Nehemiah followed strong after God. When you feel weak and ordinary, consider what God is looking for in you and find your strength in Him.
     What makes it easy or difficult to imitate something? How can we follow someone we cannot see? Jesus led many eyewitnesses of his life to tell his story, giving us help to follow him. Matthew shows us Jesus' obedience to God in being baptised, and his perfect life in overcoming temptation. God allowed Jesus these experiences so he could identify with people and demonstrate God's power over evil. Jesus used God's words from the Bible to please Him. We can never live a sinless life as he did, but Jesus is our great example to follow. He provides forgiveness for sin and shows us the way to please God.

Older Group with Miriam

     Over the last two weeks in Miriam's group, we have been going through the Grapple lessons that ask "What's the Point?!" - these look at some practical questions that arise out of the Gospel stories, like "Why doesn't God just make us love Him, like robots?" and "What does God actually want from me?" For the first one, we talked about decision making, and the importance of it. We had a look at Genesis 2:8-17 and asked why God had given us the ability to make decisions, even if they might be bad ones. We asked why 'robotic love' isn't real love. We even asked what a perfect world would be like, and we got some interesting answers! One of the group suggested that it would be boring! Perhaps we have been too influenced by pop-culture that suggests that 'bad' and 'fun' are the same?!
     In the second week, we discussed what it is that God actually wants from us. Some of the group have been listing the 10 Commandments as the basic tenets of Christianity, so it was good to have a look at some Bible passages that explained that although God did give us the Law to help us relate to Him and glorify Him, a relationship with God is so much more than rules or commandments. We had a look at Micah 6:6-8 in particular, with the long list of things that God didn't want from people, and a great description of the attitude He does want from us. We also found Proverbs 3:1-6 and 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, and had a look at how a relationship with God plays out.
     If you get a chance this week, DISCUSS with your kids how a relationship with God is so much more than the rules - and what it might look like to 'Let love and loyalty show like a necklace' (Proverbs 3:1-6) in our everyday lives?

BCA for Kids

     The Bush Church Aid Society works to spread the gospel throughout Australia - especially to people who live in the bush. BCA for Kids offers an opportunity for younger generations to get involved. Kids receive a welcome pack with a certificate and t-shirt; regular newsletters with competitions, comics, games, and mission stories; and can opt to receive a BCA money box to collect and donate their spare change to the work of BCA. Click here for their pamphlet with more info and to sign-up.
     We also have adult members of Balwyn Anglican who collect their spare change in BCA money boxes. If you would like a BCA box to get started, please contact Joyce Cheetham.

Blessings for a safe, happy and Spirit filled week. See you Sunday!

- Karina & Miriam