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Weekly Wrap-up | 29 September 2014

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Sunday 28th September

Younger Group with Karina

     Continuing our focus on strength, we looked at the familiar story of Esther and being strong in wisdom. God invites all His people to learn wisdom - it starts by fearing Him; respecting Him above all others. Many people think being smart (like having a good memory) is most important, but God's wisdom is concerned about making choices that honour Him.
     We looked at the benefits of fire, but understood we must also respect and fear it's enormous destructive power. Equally, we must fear God's just and all-powerful hand while being thankful for His love and forgiveness. Knowing God can use His power for good or harm encourages us to behave in a way He would consider wise.
     Esther prayed and fasted - seeking God's wisdom - then showed courage and wisdom in approaching a very risky situation with King Xerxes. She saved God's people by fearing Him and acting in wisdom.

Older Group with Miriam

     In Miriam's group this week we talked about The Bible some more, and why it's different from other books. We read from the Psalms and discussed how to make Bible reading interesting. The Bible can be hard to read regularly, so if you get a chance, DISCUSS with your kids how you make it interesting, or what practices you have. We'll keep going in this series for at least another week!

Blessings for a safe, happy and Spirit filled week. See you Sunday!

- Karina & Miriam