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Weekly Wrap-up | 22 September 2014

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Sunday 21st September

Younger Group with Karina

     This week we began a focus on growing strong in the Lord. We started thinking about being strong in faith. Faith always seems to come down to personal decisions to obey God or not. The people we will meet did not start out remarkably strong in faith.
     This week we heard of Gideon, who had big doubts when God chose him to defeat the enemy armies. Gideon asked for a sign and God delivered. So Gideon's faith grew strong, allowing him to trust in God's power, wisdom, and love in the midst of a difficult situation.
     God often sent enemies against His people to get their attention turned toward Him again. He does the same for us. God sends us difficult choices to wrestle with, so we, like Gideon, will turn to Him and ask for directions. He hears. He helps. And if we need confirmation, we can be strong in faith that He will provide.
     What is your family wrestling with this week? How can you turn to God, strong in faith that He will respond?

Older Group with Miriam

     In Miriam's group this week we continued our discussion of the Bible, asking whether we can trust the Bible. We looked specifically at 2 Peter 1:16-19, and discussed what it meant to be an eyewitness to the work of God, and why we can trust the gospels and the witness of the disciples.
     We read a brief excerpt from Lee Strobel's book The Case for Christ about the evidence behind the Bible. Most of the book is aimed at young adults, but there are some more child-friendly books by the same author. So if your children are interested, you might like to explore more of his work. He goes through a lot of the factual evidence behind Christianity.
     DISCUSS with your children how and why you trust the Bible.

Blessings for a safe, happy and Spirit filled week. See you Sunday!

- Karina & Miriam